Wind electricity cannot free us from fossil fuels, it locks us into fossil fuels- George Taylor

What is proper siting for something that doesn’t work? John Droz, NC physicist

Dear interested,

Why are we here? Concerned citizens from Ohio want you to Get the Facts about industrial wind (&solar) energy turbines before it is too late and our neighbors sign long-term leases. We hope to challenge what you believe to be true about this industry by exposing truths

Our coalition of citizens are not opposed to truly clean energy.  Wind and solar are not the answer.  Statistics from the governmental, EIA, states that ALL wind/solar farms in Ohio only produce LESS than or = 30% of their capacity. How many businesses do you know that can survive by producing <30% of what they tell their customers? Even though BigWind produces very little of the electricity in the USA, they receive a majority of the electricity subsidies-resulting in rising rates$$. Rising Rates Additionally, wind turbines/solar panels actually increase our dependence on fossil fuels because they must always be backed up, in the fraction of a second, when the winds drop below a certain speed or cease to blow. This causes our fossil fuel plants to constantly “cycle”, something they were not designed to do. In fact, the more turbines (and solar panels) that are turned on means we need MORE natural gas and coal. BigWind is a PARASITE!

Ohioans are at risk in this dangerous and expensive. Just visit the Ohio Power Siting Board website http://www.opsb.ohio.gov/opsb/index.cfm/siting-case-breakdown/preapplication/ and review the preapplication and pending cases. Once land owners have leased enough land to developers, the company then submits an application to the OPSB. We now have dozens of solar sites in planning stages. Our legislature gives complete control for approval/rejection to this governing body. You should find it interesting that zero wind/solar applications have been rejected since its inception. Once the OPSB approves a development, the power then shifts to the county commissioners who will probably be asked to accept a PILOT (see our $ tab), also known as a complete tax abatement. A PILOT allows wind energy developers to give $ back to communities at a fraction of what they should be paying in taxes. They throw $ back at the schools, attempting to look like good guys, but this $ is pocket change- a fraction (estimated 1/6th) of what they should be paying to the school and state for taxes! Is this fair to YOUR community, if you don’t host the turbines?

 Why are the wind/solar energy developers  in Ohio? They are here for the cash, period. 

The earth isn’t dying; it is being killed. And “clean energy” will only make things worse. —Alex, Deep Green Resistance Colorado