7/19/13 Some Things Worth Responding To, Blue Creek » Citizen Wolfrum

First, why was the first payment in lieu of taxes not made this year as you had led everyone to believe? If you are going to blame a government agency, please be specific who you are blaming and what you are blaming them for so we can address it with them. Our schools are missing $1.25 million this year promised them by their good corporate neighbor, our county agencies another million. Couldn’t you have worked out a way to make that payment regardless?Why is there no decommissioning bond for reconstruction of our roads in place? The Ohio Power Siting Board says you should have a bond posted with our County Engineer for our roads in the case of decommissioning. If this was a misunderstanding between you and the Siting Board, what steps are you taking to correct this problem and to protect our county roads?To qualify for the payments in lieu of taxes, there are several statutory requirements. One is that you train local fire fighters. Please explain what kind of training you have given the local fire fighters to deal with your structures. Has there been any? If not, shouldn’t you be paying full taxes?

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