How much energy is required to DEice a turbine blade?

Does anyone else wonder what the answer is to this question? It is very difficult to find the answer to how much energy wind energy turbines actually USE to operate (lights,start spinning,put on brakes,yaw)….

The Vestas De-icing System VDS has been developed to detect and remove ice formed on wind turbine blades, maintaining full power production through the winter months.The company mentioned that severe icing can potentially reduce wind turbines’ annual energy production by more than 20%. Vestas explained that the VDS is an active de-icing solution consisting of an ice detection system and a hot air flow unit within the blades. The hot air flow targets the blade’s most critical parts to efficiently melt ice build-up, with no negative impact on the noise level or overall performance of the turbine.

via Weekly Intelligence Brief: October 21 – 28 | Wind Energy Update.