12,750 acres GONE to another windfarm in Ohio

Almost 13,000 acres gone in Ohio that will become uninhabitable and uninteresting for future economic development. Since Ohio turbines in 2011-2012 only generated energy at 27% of their “capacity”, the nameplate capacities listed below are a smokescreen covering the truth. How much land would a coal or natural gas or nuclear plant require to produce this much energy? A mere fraction…

The proposed project area covers 12,750 acres of leased land in Blue Creek and Latty townships in Paulding county, near the villages of Haviland and Grover Hill. the project itself involves the construction of up to 59 turbines with a nameplate capacity of 1.7-2.0 MW, not to exceed a total of net generating capacity of 100MW. construction of the Facility will begin December 2013.