BigWind will want you to believe that 75,000Liters of Battery Acid is “Green”

Would this tarnish BigWind’s “green” image…How is the use/storage of 75000 LITERS of sulfuric acid/vanadium pentoxide “green”? I believe that Vanadium is used as a catalyst to convert sulfur dioxide into sulfuric acid, hence the term battery “acid”. Where does Vanadium come from? Predominantly China…

The Scottish island of Gigha is to be the focus of a £2.5m experiment aimed at solving a major technological problem: how to store energy generated by wind, tide and wave power plants. The project, which will involve building giant batteries containing 75,000 litres of sulphuric acid mixed with vanadium pentoxide, is intended to allow power generated by the islands wind turbines to be stored for later use.

via Gigha watts: Scottish island tests batteries for wind farms | Environment | The Observer.