Ohio Power Siting Board members need to live within Wind Farm

No surprise.  Yes, the wind-opposition group had an opportunity to voice their concerns. NO, they weren’t actually HEARD. The OPSB is a “yes” group, and some say they work behind the scenes with the wind groups. They have NEVER denied an application for a wind farm in Ohio. I don’t think they ever will, until one ends up in their backyards….

In a unanimous decision, the Ohio Supreme Court cleared the way yesterday for construction of a 24,000-acre wind farm in Crawford and Richland counties.The justices upheld the Ohio Power Siting Board’s decision to approve the application of Black Fork Wind Energy to build as many as 91 rotary turbines near Shelby. The company says the wind farm will provide up to 200 megawatts of renewable energy.

via Supreme Court: Wind farm can move forward in Richland, Crawford counties | The Columbus Dispatch.