Why would you need insurance if you have a deal with BigWind?

How could such a deal with wonderful clean/green/renewable machine go ary? I thought they were designed to last decades? I thought there would be little, if any, O&M? I thought the taxpayers would foot most of the bill? I thought everyone loved these things? I thought they had lightning arrestors? Thank you to this insurance company for sharing “some” of the risks and for the wonderful videos!….Curious, can a local neighbor get this insurance if they are worried about these things happening next to their home? Can a school purchase this if they are worried a blade could shear and end up in their parking lot- like what happened at Sandusky Perkins, Ohio, TWICE?………

What Could Ever Go Wrong With a Wind Turbine?

Wind turbines are big powerful machines that are built to last, right? Well, would you believe… Heres a collection of photos of destroyed wind turbines: Valentine Provides Superior Insurance for Wind Turbines Worldwide!

via Wind Turbine Catastrophe.