Will Wind Turbine BATTERIES destroy their GREEN image?

Note: The energy per unit of mass in a battery is much lower than than our common fuels like gasoline. When is the last time you threw away a battery? Can you imagine the landfill waste that will be generated if we begin to build turbines with massive batteries inside? Some batteries contain toxic metals – nice, cadmium, lead acid, nickel metal hydride. Their production and mining for their ingredients is anything BUT green. And how would the batteries perform during temperature extremes like the summer doldrums and winter blizzards? Would they be safe in extreme temperature conditions? Oh, nevermind, I forgot that wind energy turbines are VIRTUALLY USELESS when we actually need electricity the most! Their capacity values are almost nill during those times! 

Researchers from North Carolina State University and Johns Hopkins University have found that an increase in the use of wind power generation can make the power grid more fragile and susceptible to disruptions. But the researchers didnt just identify the problem — they have also devised a technique for coordinating wind power generation and energy storage in order to minimize the potential for such power disruptions….

…we have designed a technique that coordinates the activity of controllers inside the wind turbines and battery management systems to even out the flow of power from wind farms into the grid,” says Dr. Aranya Chakrabortty, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at NC State and senior author of a paper describing the work.

…If the power output for the wind farm increases, the surplus can be siphoned off to charge batteries at the storage facility, instead of being dumped directly onto the power grid. Similarly, if the power output at a wind farm declines, the batteries can compensate for the loss and provide power to the grid.

“By matching the behavior of the two controllers, we can produce the desired damping effect on the power flow and restore stable grid behavior,” Chakrabortty says.

via Minimizing power grid disruptions from wind power.