How long will it take for Honda’s turbines to pay for themselves?

The Honda plant in Russels Point, Ohio, has garnered attention this week for installing 2 wind turbines that are “expected” to produce 10% of the electrical energy needed for the auto plant. Truly, unlikely to occur, but we do wonder how long it will take them to pay for themselves….particularly, after reading this article…

One British town is in the renewable energy game for the long run — literally. The town bought two wind turbines that will take more than four centuries to pay for themselves….

“Due to higher than anticipated maintenance costs and relatively low generation rates, it is unlikely the council will make a financial saving within the anticipated lifespan of the turbine,” said the Rushcliffe Borough Council….

“Some turbines generate so little energy they would take hundreds of years to repay their original value,” Telegraph reported. “Experts argue that the failure of some wind turbines to recoup their value shows how small wind turbines are a poor way to generate renewable energy.”

via Two wind turbines will take 400 years to pay for themselves | The Daily Caller.