American steel suffering at the hands of BigWind

Isn’t this interesting, since Europe just announced (2 days ago!)that they ARE, officially, abandoning their “ambitious” renewable energy targets because they were too costly! Since the overwhelming majority of BigWind manufacturers are located OUTSIDE the US borders, these companies now have even more reason to attack us here on our own shores – or in this case, just beyond them.  This is absolutely appauling to the average citizen. Why is it not appauling to our policiticians? We are currently the only country in the world that is literally giving away our energy INdependence! Remember, we ARE electrically independent.  If you look at the statistics from the NREL, you will see that we produce a substantial proportion of our energy from coal, natural gas, and nuclear- all generated HERE, from within our own borders, without the help of foreign companies or countries. The remaining sliver in the pie is filled by hydro, solar and wind…

Carl Horstmann strode around the floor of his factory here, passing welders honing head-high metal tubes as sparks flew. He is one of a dying breed: the owner of Mass Tank, a steel tank manufacturer in a down-at-the-heels region that was once a hub of the craft.Four years ago, having heard of plans to build a $2.6 billion wind farm off the shores of Cape Cod, he saw opportunity. Much of the work, the developers and the politicians promised, would go to American companies like his, in what would be the dawn of a lucrative offshore wind industry in the United States….

And even if the project is completed, most of the investment and jobs for supplying the parts will go not to American companies like Mass Tank, but to European manufacturers…

…”As Americans, we are really upset that all this money is going overseas,” he said at the factory.  As a ratepayer to a utility, he added, “I’m going to be getting my monthly bill and if Cape Wind goes through it’s going to have this premium on it.”

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