Ohio Power Siting Board record 16-0: Ohio citizen record 0-16

We pray for the best for our Ohio family and friends, but the reality will probably not equate with our dreams.  On the OPSB website, you will see applications for 16 wind projects in our state and none of them have ever been denied by this board.  Does anyone else wonder “why” we have the existence of such a board (paid with our taxdollars), if they merely act as a “yes” group for BigWind?…

Local residents take concerns to Senate committee

The Ohio Power Siting Board now must decide whether the local 300-megawatt Scioto Ridge Wind Farm will move forward after a Wednesday hearing.

The board, which is an arm of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, conducted an evidentiary hearing in Columbus regarding Everpower’s application to install up to 176 wind turbines in Richland and Rushcreek townships in northern Logan County and McDonald, Taylor Creek and Roundhead townships in southern Hardin County.

via Wind project in hands of power siting board.