Free popsicles falling from the sky from BigWind this winter

Isn’t this picture just lovely? The ice appears to be delicate, shiny and beautiful. But these tiny icicles are NOT what the industry is referring to in this article. It is simply a matter of time before one of these gargantuan popsicles kills someone- with our ridiculously small setbacks. You do have to feel bad for the poor technicians who are risking their lives…

Windpower technicians across the United States were forced to cancel maintenance runs in early January when the polar vortex – a mass of low-pressure and extremely cold air, usually found swirling above Siberia and Northern Canada – had moved south into American airspace….

For a wind-farm owner, the gusty winds of winter provide the year’s best energy production. But cold temperatures also wreak havoc on a turbine’s rotating parts.  Oil and grease at temperatures near 0 degrees F don’t flow well.  When turbines ramp up in the cold, they experience more friction and loading than at more moderate temperatures

In Maine, recent freezing rain led to icy glazes on some blades’ leading edges.  Elsewhere, they were coated with ice inches thick….Sometimes workers are only made aware of ice when they hear the thumping sound of it falling to the ground….

via Windpower technicians face the freeze.