Iberdrola turbines described as “Neighbors from hell”

Iberdrola, get out of Ohio! The following letter calls this company’s turbines, “Neighbors from Hell” and the auther lives 1 MILE away from them! You can argue that this is just one family, but what do you call it when letters like this appear all over the globe? In medical terms, I believe this would be considered an “outbreak” or a crisis! And it is true that letters similar to this one now appear in many states across the USA and on almost every continent on the planet….

We live in Clarksburg at the base of Hoosac Ridge below the location of 10 of the 19 wind turbines of Hoosac Wind. I have been exploring Hoosac Ridge as a neighbor for some years and enjoyed the scenic opportunities, as well as solitude on trips out back. At first, based on information from the developer Iberdrola, we thought the project was a good idea, but the information was not accurate and we soon learned about the realities of living near an industrial wind project….

After a year with Hoosac Wind we have come to know the turbines as the “Neighbors from Hell.” We have been told there is no evidence of noise and therefore we don’t seem to have any recourse except to suck it up or move. Those ideas sadden me as this is our home. We have invested ourselves in this place and hope to spend the rest of our days living here….

via Letter: A happy refuge ruined by wind turbines – Berkshire Eagle Online.