If forced to buy from BigWind, don’t you want the best deal?


This article is posted for you b/c of the comment and link at the end of it. Additionally, notice how Cali is considering buying their renewable energy OUTSIDE their borders. Ohio is currently trying to repeal our RPS which mandates the purchase of renewable energy from within our state borders. This proves how such a policy is bad for the residents.

Could this article comment be part of the upcoming energy revolution solution?

The wind farm is $8 billion. The lines are $3 billion. That’s $12 billion. Buy a few AP1000 reactors from China, and you could have 6gw instead of 3. Oh, and it would be reliable baseload power. And the waste? It’s not waste. It’s fuel. It will provide America with a thousand years of energy when GE are finally allowed to build their PRISM.” What is PRISM? Find out at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRISM_%28reactor%29

Anschutz’s wind farm would connect to California via a 750-mile transmission line traveling down toward the Hoover Dam. The line itself would cost $3 billion, and with construction likely starting next year it is expected to begin operating in 2017. The distance between energy production and consumption is not the only gulf in the proposed project. While more renewable energy is California’s ultimate goal, some see the wind farm as a cop out that allows a coal-reliant state to keep churning out dirty energy for itself while it profits from local economic benefits that could be of value to Californians….

While many Californians may prefer to buy locally generated, smaller-scale renewable power that supports in-state jobs and avoids constructing high-impact transmissions lines, electricity cost jumps of up to 27 percent over the next 15 years are also a major concern. Integrating faraway renewable sources into the state’s grid may be the most effective compromise to achieve renewable goals…

via Huge Wind Farm Could Save CA $750B Off Their Energy Bills.