BigWind subsidies are best when “double-dipped”

Below, you will read the phrase, “by error or design”. Very clever! Does this administration do anything by accident? Or this EPA? There is no doubt in our minds this delectable dessert was “by design”, along with the PILOT programs, carefully-worded leases, etc…..

Federally subsidized wind turbine and solar facility owners may be double-dipping federal subsidies, according to a report by a division of the Internal Revenue Service, and the taxing agency has no way of sorting out which companies may be doing so.

Owners of wind turbines that were subsidized under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), also known as the federal Stimulus program, are ineligible for wind power tax credits for those turbines. The same goes for stimulus-funded solar facilities and the Investment Tax Credit. But the Internal Revenue Service currently has no way of determining which companies got stimulus subsidies, raising the possibility that wind and solar companies may be receiving tax credit payments for those ineligible turbines.

If that’s the case, then those companies could be engaging in a form of “double-dipping,” either by error or design, that brings them more federal subsidies than the projects warrant. And according to a report by the IRS Inspector General, more than half of the ARRA grant recipients examined merit closer audits as a result.

via IRS: Renewables Companies May Be Double-Dipping Federal Subsidies | Policy | ReWire | KCET.