Try this “Ohio renewable mandate tax” calculator!!

A must see! Once you are shocked with your calculated answer, be sure to contact Senator Hite. Remember, HE is a KEY person blocking the repeal of our renewable mandates! It appears to us as though he wants a few landowners and foreign investors to have their way with rural parts of land in his district. Why? We may never know, but maybe, someday, we will find out that particular groups are lining his political pockets…

A 2008 Ohio energy law established mandates that require the state’s major electric utilities to reduce customers’ electric use each year. By 2025, the mandated usage reduction is more than 22 percent. When the mandates were put in Ohio law, our economy was still booming, energy prices were high and forecasted to go higher, and it appeared that our energy options were limited.

Fast forward nearly five years. Ohio’s landscape has radically changed and the reasons for the government mandates no longer exist. Today, recovery from the recession is slow, electricity use has declined, prices for electricity have dropped significantly, and Ohio is growing jobs and improving its economy by developing a new, plentiful natural energy resource – shale gas.

Customers currently pay for these government mandates through tax-like charges that are embedded in electric bills the tax is not applied to customers of municipal electric utilities or electric cooperatives. Worse yet, these charges are expected to increase by more than 400% in the next decade unless the law is changed or eliminated.

The mandate cost calculation tool below will help you reveal how much mandate tax is in your electric bill.

via The Industrial Energy Users IEU-Ohio – Mandate Cost Calculator.