BigWind MISSES their mark 58% of the time


This link is to an article with absolutely spectacular graphs of the value (or lack thereof) that wind adds to the grid in Ireland, in 15 minute increments.  The bold type below is succinct and relevant to the USA. How would you like to be a grid operator who deals in energy capacity auctions and have your suppliers UNDERestimate their production 58% of the time? And then have others who OVERestimate their production 41% of the time? How do you operate a business model, effectively and efficiently like this? The kicker here, also, is that PJM (USA) can levy FINES on  natural gas,coal,nuclear,hydro if they fail to meet their auctioned production numbers – BUT – they are PROHIBITTED from fining BigWind for the same problem.  What does the energy future look like for countries with these policies?…

EARLIER THIS MONTH, the Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte revealed that wind energy contributed more energy than ever to the national grid one windy evening last December.

1866 megawatts, 42 per cent of our total electricity needs at the time, was generated and fed into the grid, according to the Minister. Furthermore, the Irish Wind Energy Association IWEA has predicted that 18 per cent of demand last year was met by wind energy….

Over the past five years (31 December 2008 to 31 December 2013), the amount of power contributed to the grid by wind turbines missed this forecast 58 per cent of the time.

The figure was surpassed 41 per cent of the time, and in the remaining 1 per cent the demand was either met or data was unavailable.

via These five graphs dig into the figures behind wind energy in Ireland.