BigWind’s nightmare wind energy ordinance

A North Carolina county passes a “dream” wind energy ordinance. A dream, that is, for those who are educated and opposed to industrial wind machines- a nightmare for followers of BigWind….

The new ordinance includes:

•A 1-mile setback from all abutting property lines.•A 275-foot height maximum on turbine structures replaced the previous 550-foot maximum.

•A surety agreement for abandonment and decommissioning at $200,000 per turbine.

•Notification of the planning department of changes to permitting applications.

•Requirements for the applicant to submit assurance that real property values will not be diminished by the structures. This was not recommended by the County Planning Commission….

•Sound from the turbines cannot exceed 35 decibels, down from 45 decibels previously.  

•Requirement of applicant to provide aviation and economic impact studies.

•An escrow account of $50,000 established by the developer to fund investigations of the project at the discretion of the county.  •Shadow, flicker and blade length restrictions.

•Requirement of commercial liability insurance coverage worth $1 million per occurrence.

•An indemnification clause was reintroduced.

via Changes make wind plans unlikely – News-Times: News.