Family abandons home due to BigWind noise

This is not a scare tactic. This is reality. You can find stories all over the world about people suffering from the adverse effects of living too close to wind turbines. Why should this Illinois story catch YOUR attention? Thanks to Senator Cliff Hite, the Ohio setbacks are absolutely miserable b/c he tirelessly fights against their increase. He is under complete control of BigWind and we don’t know why… Our setbacks are a mere 1250feet from a residence, not even a property line. There ARE people in VW county suffering, with Milo Schaffner being the most vocal. Please offer your support to him as he will soon CHALLENGE Senator Hite for his job. This is just the tip of the iceberg of problems with BigWind, but remember they are here for the $. Period…. 

This six year old girl is wearing her Hello Kitty headphones to bed in July 2013 because the wind turbines operating on the adjacent farm property is making too much noise.

This photo was taken at 10:43 PM after being in bed since 8:00 PM.

The closest wind turbines are 1665’ and 2225’ away, they are 495’ tall GE 1.6 mW nameplate capacity, and they are owned/operated by InvEnergy in Vermilion County Illinois.

This scenario repeated for so many nights during each week that, within six months after this photo was taken, the parents and both children abandoned her home and moved into a doublewide trailer eight miles away in order to get away from the nighttime noise.

Now, she asks her parents on regular occasions, “When can we move back into our old house?” and “ I want to have a normal life and get to have my old bedroom back again because I don’t like living here because there’s not enough room for my stuff and there’s no place to keep my things.”  Her parents have gently reminded both kids that they love them very much and that their health is way more important than having material things such as a nice big house with all the toys and things….

via InvEnergy Wind Turbine Victim – California Ridge Wind Farm – | Illinois Leaks.