VanWert county being thrown another BigBone by BigWind

Absolute bribery – like throwing a dog a bone to throw him off a trail. We have blogged on the tax abatement many times. Please view our site for more information. The PILOT that Iberdrola seeks, will be a payment that is approximately 1/6th of what they “should” be paying in traditional Ohio taxes. Additionally, this is absolutel bologna that the project “is slated to generate 100 MW”. We have, also previously blogged, that this is the nameplate capacity – not a real number- in Ohio, ALL wind turbines (combined) totalled LESS than 30% of their nameplate capacity in recent years. Their PR efforts are brilliant and their $ is endless (thanks to us, the taxpayers). PLEASE OHIO, FINALLY HAVE THE COURAGE TO SAY “NO” TO A PILOT! …

With one wind farm already operating in Van Wert County, another wind farm running in Paulding County and several wind turbines powering plants like Haviland Drainage and Cooper Farms, area residents may be seeing another wind project in the northeast portion of Van Wert County.

A study is being done on moving ahead with the next Iberdrola Renewables project, which Project Developer Dan Litchfield hopes is the Dog Creek Wind Farm. This project is slated to generate 100 megawatts and will possibly add 50 to 60 turbines in Hoaglin, Jackson, Ridge and northwestern Washington townships. The general borders of the project as currently drawn would be between U.S. 224 and U.S. 30 and between Gilliland and Bockey roads.

The wind farm would be laid out completely within the borders of Lincolnview School District, so that district would benefit greatly financially if Dog Creek is built. Iberdrola paid the county more than $2 million a few weeks ago in the first annual payment from the Blue Creek Wind Farm. That money is divided via formula between the school districts affected, the townships and the county. The Dog Creek project would use the same transmission facility on Fife Road that was built for Blue Creek….

via Second Van Wert County wind farm being promoted.