How does Ohio now rank for wind power?


Haven’t seen a wind turbine on your way to work this morning? Didnt see one on your way to the park? Dont see one out your window? Well, neither do I. But that doesnt mean that you dont live in one of the top states for wind energy generation….

Answering the comments above, actually it does- mean that Ohio is NOT one of the top 10 states for wind energy generation. Wow! We’re not even in the top 20 and #20 is a mere 3.4%   But, not to fear, the OPSB (aka Say YES to Wind Board) has given the green light to the Scioto Ridge wind project, so we are on our way…to #21 I guess.

What else does this give our neighbors? The closest turbine to Indian Lake is planned to be about ½ mile from the lake; eagles, sandpipers and bats are protected species that will be impacted; 60.5  miles of new or “improved” access roads will be built; a 4.8 mile transmission line is planned to run through McDonald Township (15 homes within 1,000 feet of the line); 36 streams and 2 wetlands will be impacted; distances from turbines to property lines range from 549 feet to 2,637 feet; 10 turbines are sited 541 feet or less from a gas line (the minimum required is 541’); and 48 non-participating landowners will experience more 30 hours of shadow flicker (23 of these are considering entering participation agreements).  Hardin County currently is a designated Alternative Energy Zone which means tax abatement is automatically granted without further action by the County Commissioners.  Logan County does not have a similar designation and tax abatement will be subject to a vote of the Logan County Commissioners for those turbines which are situated in Logan County.

via Can You Guess the Top State for Wind Power?.