EverPower isn’t EverLasting in NY; maybe they’ll leave Ohio, too!

Everpower wants to grab N Central Ohio and this article about their battle in NY should provide some encouragement. It appears as though the NY battle began in 2011 and it has hit a serious roadblock.  

On an additional note, it is rumored that Senator Cliff Hite is continuing to negotiate on Everpower’s behalf near Indian Lake, Ohio. He has floated the idea of moving setbacks to 3,000 from a home to area residents, but we understand there are no takers. What does that tell you about the turbine education level of these residents? It is rising! What does that tell you about the motives of Senator Hite? Why is he so staunchly in their corner of the ring? Also, a lake realtor community is concerned about their obligation to disclose the Scioto Ridge approval. This could be a long, hot summer in Ohio…

An EverPower Wind Holdings LLC officials said Tuesday that a state court’s dismissal of an appeal to extend the company’s original permit could bring the proposed wind farm project to a halt….

“We felt we had a strong case,” Mr. Shears said in a prepared statement. “We will consider our options in light of the ruling, but it is unlikely we will pursue this project in its current form” and may look to repackage the site for an application through the new Article X process….

EverPower’s $160 million wind farm had been approved in 2011 by the Allegany Town Board for the hilltops of Chipmonk and Knapp Creek. The project was initially delayed by Concerned Citizens’ lawsuit, which was dropped in July 2012.

In its ruling, the court said it dismissed EverPower’s appeal due to the company’s considered use of alternate wind turbines for the proposed 29-wind turbine farm. The court also rejected EverPower’s contention that a lawsuit filed by Concerned Citizens had made it impossible for the company to obtain financing for the project, thereby delaying it. …


via EverPower: Court ruling makes Allegany project in current form unlikely – Olean Times Herald: News – EverPower: Court ruling makes Allegany project in current form unlikely: Here And Now.