Why is there an Intl Conference on WindTurbine NOISE?

http://doc.wind-watch.org/sound-pollution-from-wind-turbines.png2015 WindTurbine Noise Conference

Does this make you scratch your head? It should because the developers often deny the reality of its existence, as it is often claimed to be no louder than normal sounds of our day. We are often told that this issue is actually a NONissue. Why should you care about this if you live in Ohio? Because we have one of the weakest ‘setbacks’ for our turbines (in the world) – a mere 1250 feet from a residence, not even a property line.  How far does this ‘noise’ travel, if you are an unlucky recipient? Worldwide, you will see complaints at distances in the mulitple thousands of feet.  In Van Wert, ask nearby residents what they ‘hear’ on a windy day/night….

The 2015 Wind Turbine Noise conference will be held in Glasgow….

This is the sixth of the biennial international conferences on Wind Turbine Noise. Many of us thought, when Geoff Leventhall opened his first conference in Berlin in 2005, that by 2015 all the noise issues with wind turbines would have been solved and the conferences would no longer be necessary. The opposite is true and last year’s conference, held unusually outside Europe, attracted nearly 200 delegates from 22 countries representing manufacturers, developers, researchers, environmentalists, pressure groups and consultants and exhibitors .

The sixth conference will once again provide an opportunity for all those with an interest in wind turbine noise, its generation, its prediction, its assessment and its effects on people….

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