Wind Industry ‘spinning out of control’ in Ohio!

Wow, just as Ohio Senate Bill 310 is being debated to save us from the renewable mandates, Ohio communities are beginning to wake up to the truths behind this industry!  We just, formerly, blogged about 2 appeals for the Indian Lake project and now Iberdrola is fighting the public to expand in NW Ohio. Isn’t it interesting that Iberdrola’s ‘Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs’ was asked to come visit little Lincolview? That the discussion went for for 2 hours? People are getting informed, educated, and passionate about their homes and their property rights!! Although we must sympathize with the Lincolnview superintendent, who is strapped for cash- remember, if the county does NOT permit the PILOT payment, their school would receive SIGNIFICANTLY more $$$$$$$$$……

For more than two hours, representatives of Iberdrola Renewables met at Lincolnview High School with locals concerning the proposed Dog Creek Wind Farm planned for northeastern Van Wert County.

The stated goal of the evening was for Iberdrola Renewables to present an educational session with an opportunity for questions and answers. If constructed, the proposed project would include around 60 wind turbines in an area bordered on the north by U.S. 224, on the east by Bockey Rd., on the south by Lincoln Hwy., and on the west by the Blue Creek Wind Farm.

The project is far from certain to be built…

The discussion will certainly continue, although the main participants will be Iberdrola and the Van Wert County Commissioners, each of whom were in attendance at the Wednesday night town hall meeting. The Blue Creek project was built under an alternative energy zone declaration, which the commissioners have vowed not to use again….

via Times Bulletin: Wind Farm company residents spar at town hall meeting.