Wind Industry sure puts a ‘spin’ on their numbers!


It is so incredibly unfortunate that the media is so entirely MISinformed about this industry, that they will not question the numbers provided by the industry. 1.‘300 MW are expected to be generated’- We know, in Ohio, they will not even generate 30% of that number.

2. A survey of 304 people is worth discussing? A quick search for the populations of both counties resulted in Logan (48,000) and Hardin (32,000). That means the survey covered a mere 0.0000385 % of the county populations. NO KIDDING!!!!!!

3. Doesn’t sound to me like construction will begin in 2015. We have been told that 2 groups filed a last minute appeal to the Ohio Power Siting Board…..

Indian Lake -Kea Shaffer is a landowner in Roundhead, and has agreed to allow EverPower Wind Holdings to place four turbines on her land. The turbines are part of Scioto Ridge Wind Farm, a 17,000 acre project, of which 180 acres will be taken out of agricultural production. For Shaffer, it’s about helping the schools and communities.

300 megawatts are expected to be generated, producing electricity to power almost 75,000 homes annually. Depending on the model of turbines selected, between 90 and 170 turbines will be put up just outside of Indian Lake…

A survey by SBR Strategy Group was completed in Hardin and Logan counties. Of the 304 surveys completed, 54% of residents expressed support, while 17% disapproved.  It also found that 76% of residents feel wind energy is a safe option.

Construction is expected to begin in 2015.

via Wind Turbines Near Indian Lake – Lima, OH News Weather Sports.