Was BigWind responsible for BLACKOUT in Scotland?

If it is true, the gentleman in this article is right, we will never know the truth; there is too much green cash at stake for this industry. This is the greatest fear among physicists/engineers who oppose wind energy on our grid. How is this possible? Remember, wind energy OUTPUT has been likenened to a polygraph test (full of lies). The lines are in constant flux -up/down/zig/zag. When the energy output drops below the minimum required level that we need to keep our lights on, another energy source must immediately ramp up to replace the difference. This is frequently accomplished by coal and natural gas and this is why wind energy will NEVER replace fossil fuels. In fact, they will require MORE of them as we add wind to our grid!!!  Was the backup delayed? Will this become a more frequent problem on their grid? The article suggests this possibility. BigWind does not belong on our grid!!!!!….

More questions have been raised about a possible link between wind energy and the major power cut which blacked out more than 200,000 properties across the north last week….

A spokeswoman for SHEPD refused yesterday to answer specific questions about whether wind power was linked to the blackout. But yesterday more concern was voiced that the blackout could be linked to wind power.

Retired engineer Douglas Brodie, 70, of Nairn, questioned whether a drop in wind immediately prior to the lights going out could have sparked the blackout.

He said: “Could this abrupt drop in wind have triggered a local shutdown which for some reason escalated into a regional shutdown?

“It’s a reasonable question to ask but I doubt if we will ever get an answer.”

He said as yet “no credible explanation” for the widespread outage had been given.

A friend of Mr Brodie, farmer John Graham, of Beauly, said he was outside at the time of the power cut around 8.30pm on Wednesday and experienced a marked drop in wind first-hand. He said: “It was pretty windy. I was working outside and one minute I was hauling on the barn door to get it closed and the next minute the wind had totally died. There is a question mark there. According to the forecast the wind wasn’t supposed to drop, it was supposed to increase, and it did but there was a lull before it came back again.

“Could it may have been this sudden drop of a few seconds which caused a power spike and that was what knocked out the switches for the network?

“It seems to me there is a correlation between that and lack of power. The wind did drop just before the power went out.”…

via Press and Journal – Article – Were turbines behind power cut?.