Green groups in full attack mode against Ohio Senate Bill 310

Ohio electricity rates 2014

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There are ‘green’ groups all over the country attacking Ohio’s SB 310 which hopes to ‘freeze’ our renewable energy mandates. You will find many articles on the web, originating from groups ‘outside’ our state borders covering this story. We have blogged numerous times about the importance of the passage of this bill. Electricity rates are RISING with these mandates. An Ohio steel manufacturer, testified last week, that his business alone will pay $2million dollars this year -for the renewable riders. BUT, as stated in the previous blog, BigWind and the other ‘green’ groups tell us, the taxpayers, half-truths. Below, you will read an excerpt from an Ohio Advanced Energy Economy press release. They are in full assault mode against SB 310 and claim that the current energy programs have saved Ohioans >$1Billion.  How is it, exactly, that taxdollars spent on energy efficiency programs have resulted in utility savings…when the EIA chart, above, shows that Ohio electricity rates are clearly going UP since our mandates have been in existence??????????????????? Don’t forget to tell your legislators how you feel about being forced to pay more for your electricity because we are handing our tax subsidies to foreign companies!

…“The utility companies’ own numbers demonstrate that on average, every dollar that has been spent on energy efficiency programs has resulted in two dollars in savings for Ohio consumers,” said Ted Ford, president and CEO of Ohio Advanced Energy Economy (Ohio AEE). “It defies all logic that Ohio lawmakers would be tempted to do away with this kind of success.”
Data pulled from PUCO reports shows that from 2009 through 2013, program spending of $456 million has resulted in savings of $1.03 billion. In the utility company reports, the utilities actually tout the success of the programs in terms of job creation and the impact on energy prices, making a strong case for preserving the law….