Ohioans say YES to Senate Bill 310 !!!!!!!!!

Ohio Energy Poll

Just released is a new survey from Ohioans for Sustainable Jobs. We have attached a copy of the survey results which provide strong support for either freezing or repealing Ohio’s energy mandates and the press release is below. While we have often taken a measured stance when looking at polls, we applaud this poll for providing copies of the questions asked and for giving the survey respondents enough information to make an informed reply.  The message is that Ohioans do not want government to tell them what to do and they do not want to be forced to pay for something they had no say in. Moreover, they don’t want to vote for someone who supports mandates and higher energy costs….

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Ohio Voters Support Energy Efficiency, But Agree that Government Should Not Mandate Electric Use Reductions

Polling data supports call for reforms by hundreds of Ohio’s leading employers, business groups and labor


Sam’s Comments on Release (C43530).DOCX

COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 28, 2014 – Ohioans for Sustainable Jobs, a coalition of Ohio job creators, business organizations and labor groups, today released the results of a public opinion poll finding that a majority of Ohio voters agree that the government should not mandate reductions in electric use by residential and business customers. In light of changing circumstances since the pre-recession mandate was passed, 72% of voters agree that the Ohio legislature should revisit and change the existing law.

In light of these concerns, Ohioans for Sustainable Jobs is calling on the state’s elected leaders to pass Senate Bill 310, which would hold the usage reduction mandate at 4.2% while a study committee reviews the 2008 mandates based on current conditions and, by December 15, 2015, submits recommendations to the General Assembly.

“Ohioans support energy efficiency, as long as artificial charges are not placed on their bills through government mandates,” said Keith Lake of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. “The results of this poll show strong support for our government to address these costly mandates.”


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“The results of the poll are hardly surprising, and are consistent with the views of our small business members” said Chris Ferruso of the National Federation of Independent Business/Ohio. “Numerous public opinion polls conducted on this issue – even by those groups who support the current mandates – cite strong attitudes against government mandates that increase electric bills. Energy efficient products are available in the market and customers are participating, so why should state government continue to mandate this behavior?”


Sam’s Comments on Release (C43530).DOCX

The poll, conducted by leading research firm The Tarrance Group, includes the following findings:

  •   68% of Ohio voters say that government should not mandate reductions in electric use by Ohio’s residential and business users.
  •   71% of voters favor changing the law to allow electric customers to decide whether or not to pay for the cost of the energy efficiency mandates.
  •   60% of voters would be less likely to vote for their state legislator if he/she voted against making changes to the law.
  •   A majority of customers would favor allowing Ohio electric customers to decide whether or not to pay for the cost of mandates requiring a portion of their electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar.


Sam’s Comments on Release (C43530).DOCX

  1. Coalition members include the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business/Ohio, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Ohio Steel Council, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, the Ohio Energy Group, and Industrial Energy Users-Ohio. These leading business organizations actively represent thousands of businesses employing millions of Ohioans. A copy of the top-line polling results is available here.

    Other Contacts:

    Keith Lake, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, 614-228-4201
    Tony Paglia, Youngstown/Warren Chamber of Commerce, 330-744-2131 ext. 15 Chris Ferruso, National Federation of Independent Business/Ohio, 614-221-4107 Peggy Claytor, Ohio Steel Council, 330-471-6363
    Carol Caruso, Greater Cleveland Partnership, 216-592-2471
    Lora Miller, Council of Retail Merchants, 614-221-7833
    Sam Randazzo, Industrial Energy Users-Ohio, 614-719-2840