A proposed ‘green bank’ should make you turn RED with anger

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn)

This entire ‘green movement’ has spun the truth into fiction!  Repeatedly, we hear that a goal is to “achieve US energy independence”. News flash: WE ARE electrically INdependent! We obtain more than 90% of our electrical energy from coal, nuclear, natural gas and hydro- ALL of these are from within our borders!!!! By wasting $ on renewable technologies, we are INcreasing our DEpendence on foreign companies/countries and INcreasing our DEBT! The USA is home to only 1 top 10 wind turbine manufacturers. All others are oversees. And, remember, every industrial wind turbine requires >2000 lbs of Neodymium and 90% of the world’s resource is under China’s control. Wake up your friends and neighbors and educate them about this truth. As we near the next election cycle, this LIE will permeate the media – unless citizens educate themselves and demand to hear the truth…..

House and Senate Democrats are proposing the creation of a “Green Bank” that would help finance clean energy projects for the purpose of helping to move the U.S. away from carbon-based fuels and saving the world from climate change….

Under the bill, the Treasury Department would issue $10 billion in bonds to acquire stock in the new Green bank.  Treasury could issue up to $50 billion in debt to float the bank…

The Bank would provide loans, loan guarantees and other forms of financing for clean energy projects, with the explicit goals of achieving U.S. energy independence, “abating climate change,” and boosting energy efficiency. The bill also hopes this financial aid would help ease “the economic effects of transitioning from a carbon-based economy to a clean energy economy.”…

via Dems Want $50 Billion to Create a ‘Green Bank’ to Fund Clean Energy Projects | TheBlaze.com.