‘Other side’ of the Ohio wind turbine survey

Does anyone really believe this is an accurate depiction of the supposed view of (almost 500 ft) turbines that will be placed near Indian Lake? The Honda turbine is highly visible, but these are mere specks! Everpower, which has been given permission by the OPSB, to build an industrial wind site in Logan and Hardin counties, Ohio, touted the results of a residential survey favoring their development. After closer inspection, we observe some important information about their survey results:

1. 30.3% of respondents still did not know about this project! 

2. At the conclusion of the survey, “All of the messages tested worked well, especially the messages about the company fixing roads, that avian studies have been conducted, the project will generate substantial tax revenue, and that the company will invest $450 million in the project.”  Without much explanation, you can see that the ‘survey’ was just another way to promote a positive image/message about the project. Some might call this tactic ‘dirty propaganda’.

3. Of the 77,000 residents in the combined counties (remember only results from 304 in the study, though), approximately 39-40% was from Hardin county and 60-61% was from Logan county. No offense to Logan county, but why was the majority of the survey conducted in the county with the LEAST amount of turbines—-which also happens to be the county that must approve the PILOT? Please share this ‘other side of the story’ with any friends who have not been educated. Remember, one can design a survey to produce any results desired……

…According to the survey conducted by the Canal Winchester-based SBR Strategy Group Inc., of the 304 people who responded, 54 percent supported wind development while 17 percent opposed it and 29 percent said they did not have enough information to form a reasonable opinion.

The survey provided does not specify many details of the group’s demographics or how it was selected, but does note that 69 percent of the individuals participating have lived in the area for more than 20 years and 29 percent have lived in the area 20 years or less. Full results of the survey are available here….

via Wind developers address issues as local residents ask for new hearing.