Wake up Ohio Senator Cliff Hite. Will the people reelect you next time?

Senator Hite

Unfortunately, Mr. Schaffner (an anti-‘wind’er) was not successful in his efforts to unseat Senator Hite; however, pay attention Mr. Hite. Van Wert county is, currently, your only county with industrial wind turbines…that won’t be the case for long. In this only county with turbines, Mr. Schaffner carried 49.8% of the votes. Consider this a wake up call, Senator Hite. The citizens are awaking to the realities behind this industry and in Indiana, incumbents that were pro’wind’ers were UNseated last night…..

State Sen. Cliff Hite, R-Findlay, will hold onto his seat after winning a three-person primary for Ohio’s 1st District senate seat Tuesday…

Schaffner, a farmer and tool and die maker, did his best in his home area of Van Wert County, where he led the way with 49.8 percent of the votes. Hite won the other 10 counties in the district.

“I’d hate to guess how much money Hite spent on mailers,” said Schaffner, who said his home received four mailers from Hite. “As usual, the money sometimes can control how people vote. Obviously I couldn’t afford to send out that many mailers.”…

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