Noisy turbine in Ada, Ohio- too little, too late, though?

Within the last month, a couple of articles appeared in NW Ohio papers, complaining about the noise from the Ada school turbine.  This is a separate turbine from the 3 that ONU have; however, ONU has issues, too, as 1 of the 3 has  NOT been operational for some time.  Is this too little, too late, though? Hardin county residents surely would have appreciated learning the facts below – sooner, before their farmers signed leases that will blanket their county with turbines.  Unfortunately, you will read below that the decibel measurements will be taken from the nearest property LINE. Our turbine setbacks in Ohio are from the nearest residence, NOT property line. Our legislators should be ashamed of this woeful setback inadequacy….Remember, the addition of our new FARMER tab on our blog site, to find problems that farmers can experience….

Michael Harnishfeger, Ada’s chief of police and zoning inspector, will be looking into whether or not the wind turbine on the Ada School property violates the village’s noise ordinance for turbines…

“The one out there the day I was out there was very loud,” Simmons said.
He said the noise was that of a loose bearing, or a grinding noise.
Councilman Jimmy Wilson, who lives near the turbine as well, said he too could attest to the loudness of the turbine from time to time.

“I live in the 200 block of Turner and from experiences and those of my neighbors, when the wind is from a certain direction at a certain speed, it’s pretty bad; you can almost feel the vibrations,” Wilson said….

“If we have ordinances that deal with this, we need to know that and we need to abide by those ordinances,” Fleming said. “If there’s something we can do or are obligated to do, then we need to do it and not just ignore these people like it’s going to stop. If it’s actually bearings, it’s only going to get worse.”
“At what point do we say, OK, we need to see if this falls within our ordinance’? Where’s the tipping point here?” questioned Councilwoman Cathy Cole.

Harnishfeger informed council that he will look into obtaining a decimeter to measure the noise level of the turbine. The measurement is to be taken at the nearest property line, according to Village Administrator Jim Meyer….

Ada to investigate noise from wind turbine | Kenton Times.