American Corn Growers Fdtn is mesmerized by the illusions of BigWind

How UNfortunate that some do not see beyond the cash being dangled in front of the farmers. BigWind is like an illusionist- they grab your attention with cash, so you don’t see what is really happening. Note the AWEA report that 12,000 MW were added as new US ‘generating capacity’…remember, their REAL electricity production numbers are  probably less than 30% of this number and that energy is NOT reliable, NOT dipatchable when we need it, and NOTaffordable. We have previously blogged about payments (oversees) given to wind companies when their energy can not be used on the grid. This is headed our way, a waste of taxpayer dollars, if we do not quit subsidizing these foreign companies.  Finally, please view the new FARMER tab on our website, to learn facts that many farmers don’t know- but should- before signing long term leases with foreign companies….. 

The American Corn Growers Foundation is advocating wind energy for the rural economy at WINDPOWER 2014 recently, said Dan McGuire, ACGF director.

“2014 is 13 consecutive years that ACGF has participated in the national WINDPOWER conference sponsored by the American Wind Energy Association. As an AWEA member since 2002, ACGF has impacted national wind energy policy in the interest of farmers, landowners and the rural economy. AWEA reports that over 12,000 MW, a record for new U.S. wind project generating capacity was underway at the end of 2013, noting that while the federal wind energy Production Tax Credit was stable from 2005-2012, the wind industry grew 800 percent, installing 90 percent of all U.S. operating wind projects for a total investment of $105 billion.”…

via American Corn Growers Foundation advocates wind energy.