BigWind closing 2 wind sites in Texas- due to ice? really?

Does anyone really believe that the ice storms are the real reason for closing these wind sites? According to some studies, the real life expectancy of these sites are only 10-15 years and this one reaches that magic number. Gearbox warranties typicallly expire after 5 years and the maintenance costs only climb after that. The next question is this? Will the developer decommission this site and restore the tens of thousands of acres? History tells us, not a chance….

NextEra Energy Resources is planning to shut two of its wind farms in Texas after both were significantly damaged by ice storms in November.

The company, which describes itself as the largest renewable generator in North America, on Friday notified the Electric Reliability Council of Texas that it planned to shut the two farms in west Texas in August….

“These are the first wind facilities to seek retirement in the ERCOT region,” Robbie Searcy, a spokeswoman for the grid operator, said Monday….

via NextEra Energy to shut two Texas wind farms in a first for ERCOT – Electric Power | Platts News Article & Story.