Does it ‘help’ BigWind when they lie about a Senator’s intent?

At the federal level, there is still much debate about legislation to extend a number of expired tax provisions like the Production Tax Credit.  This gets very complicated because a Senator like Ohio’s Rob Portman, who opposes extension of the PTC, may vote in favor of a different bill that is important to him but that bill might have the PTC extension tacked on to it.   It does not mean that Portman supports the PTC.  This is exactly what happened recently and the wind developers are busy trying to mislead the public – again – that there is support for the PTC.  In fact, Iberdrola wrote a letter to the Editor of the newspaper in Van Wert congratulating him on his vote in support of the PTC.  This is a lie and they know it but, factually, Portman did vote for a bill that had the extension of the wind subsidy tacked on.  Last week, Portman had an opportunity to vote on a procedural bill that prevented the renewal of the PTC and did so.  It is complicated but the wind industry assumes we are too stupid to figure it out.  Letters to the Editor thanking Portman for his stand against renewal of the Production Tax Credit would be helpful in every local paper.  Letters to the Editor do find their way to the Senator’s attention.  Does Iberdrola really believe this tactic will HELP them reach Senator Portman? Odd strategy….

Thank you to Ohio U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman for looking out for Ohioans’ jobs by voting for the renewal of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy….

via Senators thanked for tax credit « The VW independent.