Kalida, Ohio says NO to BigWind!

How refreshing to know that some Ohioans have common sense!! Congratulations for doing your homework and making an INformed decision!!

Two years after village residents voted 64 to 36 to zone for turbines, based upon approval by council, the village of Kalida said no to wind turbines. In a five-to-one vote during Monday’s regular meeting, members of Kalida Village Council voted down a request by KMI, Inc. to construct two wind turbines to offset the company’s electrical costs.

Former Kalida council member Dick Bockrath spoke on behalf of residents who were opposed to the wind turbine construction. He referred to a mapped diagram of the proposed turbine placement, estimating that approximately 30 homes are located within 1/2 mile radius from one turbine and another 10 from the other. He said that KMI has been a benefit to the community, but that the wind turbine project has met with substantial opposition.

“Shadow flicker, noise, ice throw, just the nuisance of having to look at these gigantic structures, but what it all boils down to is the potential loss of property values,” said Bockrath. “The village looks good. Why do we want to take a chance jeopardizing that?”

Bockrath referred to research he had conducted which resulted in governmental documents and public case studies in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Illinois. He noted that he was unable to locate a situation in Ohio which would mirror the KMI wind turbine proposal….

via Kalida rejects KMI wind turbines – Putnam Sentinel.