If you can’t stand the heat, get out of OHIO!!

Ohio is in the belly of the beast, if the beast is our current renewable energy lobbying group. They are extremely well-funded and deep-pocketed thanks to decades of taxpayer subsidies.  Although many states have attempted to repeal their renewable mandates, Ohio is the closest to the finishing line, so the groups are putting tremendous pressure on our Governor to veto these bills. Who crosses the finish line first is anyone’s guess, but it will be a tremendous test for our Governor. Who will he side with? The citizens or special interest groups????

Also of interest, is a claim in this article by Everpower that the extended setback included in the Ohio Mid-biennium Budget Review applies to the Scioto Ridge Wind Farm.  We do not understand why he thinks this way.  Our interpretation of an analysis by the Legislative Service Commission, is that  applications approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board prior to this amendment are grandfathered in.  This is merely a plea for help by Everpower….

Two legislative efforts nearing the governor’s desk would result in significant challenges for the company developing wind farms in Hardin and Logan counties.

The first was a bill poised for Ohio House passage Wednesday that would pause Ohio’s targets for solar, wind and other renewable sources for two years to let a 12-member legislative commission study the matter. The mandates continue in 2017 unless lawmakers act.

The bill, Senate Bill 310 passed by the Senate in April, would freeze a direction the state had been headed in since 2008, that by 2025, 25 percent of the electricity in Ohio must come from renewable and advanced sources. Wind farm companies had been moving in quickly in the state.

The second is an amendment placed by the Senate Finance Committee into the state’s Mid-Biennium Budget Review, House Bill 483, which would increase the amount of setback required for wind farm turbines. Currently, a setback is measured from a neighboring home; the new legislation would require the measurement begin at a neighboring property line….

Tom Stacy, a spokesman with Save Western Ohio, one of the groups opposed to the wind farms, said not addressing the mandate will mean electricity rates in Ohio will continue to escalate unnecessarily.


The subsidy, market, technical and indirect cost implications of wind electricity are enormous, and driving rates up unnecessarily will cost the state billions, in addition to the possibility of losing tens of thousands of jobs in energy-intensive industries,” Stacy said.

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