What happens to old/broken BigWind BLADES?

How many of you have heard that dead/obsolete wind turbines can be recycled? This is a common myth. If the average wind turbine lasts a mere 10-15 years (per some very good studies), then we have A LOT of blades going to landfills over the next few decades, as wind sites explode across our continent! Additionally, note what a difficult task it is to BUILD the crane on site that disassembles the machines- it takes 20 semis to carry the parts!  With such an energy intensive transport and expense, do you really believe that these companies do the appropriate maintenance on their machines? Like change the 200 gallons of oil in the nacelle every 5 years? Do you believe that our counties can afford to pay for the decommissioning when the turbines die? If you do believe this, then I have some land to sell you….

Starting June 8 and continuing over the next two months, 14 turbines will be repaired at DTE Energy’s Echo Wind Park (Michigan)….

One crane is currently in position on Crown Road between Farver and Maxwell roads in Chandler Township. Another crane will be delivered in the coming week and placed to the east of the initial crane on Crown Road between Farver and North Elkton roads.

“One will be assembling the blades, and another will be assembling a crane,” Serafin said. “The first seven will be all new blades, the second seven will be recombining all the good blades.”…

Occasionally, you’ll see the crane boom up,” he said. “Typically, they can take a rotor down, disassemble the blades and have the rotor back up within a day or two. It takes about 20 semis to move all the crane parts. It’s really not going to be that noticeable.

“If you happen to notice (the crane), you will stop because it’s pretty impressive to see the huge blades go up.” …

During Tuesday’s board of commissioners meeting, Board Chairman Clark Elftman asked Serafin of the fate of non-functioning blades….

Serafin said the blades will be destroyed, with the exception of the root, mid-section and tip of a blade to be donated to three educational institutions, per the request of the planning commission. 

via DTE to repair 14 turbines; Work set to begin in June; 19 other blades get OK – Huron Daily Tribune: Local News.