Will BigWind PR jobs be counted as ‘renewable’ jobs of the future?

Our last blog was about the future of renewables, BigWind specifically, who may now place their future in the hands of PR firms. Perhaps the PR campaign has already started as seen in an article from the Mansfield News Journal where a contractor writes an opinion piece on the value of wind energy because he makes money from building access roads for wind turbines.  It is important to remember that SB 310 is about MANDATES.   It really is not about wind or solar per se.   If these technologies can stand on their own two feet and serve a cost effective and beneficial service, the public will support them without a mandate. Our electricity rates will ‘necessarily skyrocket’ if we continue to mandate the use of renewable energy on our grid! We have blogged about this multiple times. We have also told you about the LOSS of jobs to the private sectors, as our tax dollars are thrown at industries that cannot stand without taxpayer support; such was the case with Spain and BigWind. The Opinion piece in this newspaper lacks one shred of documentation to support the author’s claims; unfortunately, though, sometimes the truth is harder to believe than the lies. Richland County’s Representative Romanchuk was one of six Republican legislators who voted against SB 310. An important thought, is this…If BigWind mandates generate $ to employ PR firms – will PR jobs, someday, be counted as RENEWABLE?….

In recent years, a rapidly growing clean and renewable energy sector has created a vast supply chain of in-state companies that are contributing to our state’s economic growth. Ohio’s factories are often supplying the parts that go into developing in-state renewable energy resources, and our companies are just a few of the many that are proud to be assisting in creating a cleaner energy future for our state….

The solar, wind and hydropower industries employ 7,500 Ohio workers in well-paid jobs, and $1.2 billion in new investment has flowed into the state from the waste-to-energy, solar and wind industries in just the last six years.

Even better, renewable energy has become surprisingly affordable in the last couple of years. The cost of wind power, for example, has dropped 43 percent over four years, while the cost to install solar on your home has dropped by a third. As a result, Ohioans of all stripes are seeing their electricity bills drop by putting affordable solar panels on their roofs and are getting cheap wind and solar power from their electricity companies — and that makes a difference for families’ budgets….

via Renewable energy is growing Ohios economy | Mansfield News Journal | mansfieldnewsjournal.com.