Is BigWind just a big hypocrite?

BigWind doesn’t really care about the birds and our government’s support for turbines has never been about saving the planet; if that were true, it would behave differently in regards to this issue. Decimation of our bird/bat populations could have dire consequences on our pest/insect problems. This has always been about the green cash and nothing else. Foreign turbine companies are scamming our taxpayers and fleecing America, while they take our coal and natural gas for their own energy needs…

The federal government is not shy about prosecuting those who violate threatened and endangered species laws. But under a new Obama administration policy, wind farm operators are getting 30-year permits to kill protected species….

The new renewable energy policy gives wind farm operators 30-year permits – up from the current 5 years – to kill a specific number of protected species without threat of prosecution.

“What they are doing is ignoring the law,” said Bob Johns of the American Bird Conservancy. “The oil and gas industry for example, they have to abide by these laws. They’re not killing bald and golden eagles.  And if they are, they’re going to be prosecuted for it.”

The wind industry’s lethal impact on birds and bats is well documented. An estimated 1.4 million are killed each year by wind farms.

Why? One reason is that their blades move deceptively fast, up to 180 miles an hour. Second, raptors especially like to follow the currents in windy areas looking for field mice and rabbits below. Wind farms typically locate in the same areas and while many operators say they are doing their best to minimize bird fatalities, critics say the administration is practicing a double standard – prosecuting small cases while giving green energy a free pass.

“Now they’ve got the 30-year eagle permit get-out-of-jail-free card,” said Johns. “Nobody else is getting that. Nobody else is allowed to go out and kill eagles like this and get away with it. In California alone, wind farms out there are estimated to have killed over 3,000 golden eagles. And there hasn’t been a single prosecution out there for that.”…

“President Obama’s climate plan would initiate an open-ended avian holocaust the likes we have never seen before,” wrote James Taylor, managing editor of Environment and Climate News.

He worries that a 25-fold increase in wind power, as called for by wind advocates, will decimate bird populations. Currently, the wind accounts for roughly 3 percent of the nation’s energy output from 500 wind farms operating 35,000 turbines. President Obama wants to move that to 20 percent  by 2030….

via Federal double standard on endangered species laws? | Fox News.