Indiana residents try to change their county border to escape BigWind!

We need to learn from our neighbors mistakes and try to not repeat them. Ohio’s proposed increase in turbine setbacks from the property line (to 1250 feet) is a START, but there is tremendous push-back from the green lobbyists. Put yourself in the middle of the story below, wouldn’t you feel helpless, too?

The people of eastern Howard County have argued long and loudly against the advent of a wind farm within their community. Their efforts, to this point, have been in vain. So, a group of them approached the nearby town of Converse, hoping to escape the county’s jurisdiction….

Unable to stop the wind farm development already agreed upon by Howard County, the Converse Town Council still took action on behalf of the 41 petitioning residents. A proposal to transfer planning authority was presented to the Howard County Council for consideration….

The council held brief discussion on the matter, with Councilman Jim Papacek questioning how the proposal should be handled. According to state law, establishing this two-mile buffer zone for planning requires action by the elected legislative body of the county — the board of commissioners. It also would require approval from the Howard County Plan Commission….

“We’re already starting to see some appraisers that are making comments that they are discounting property values based on the wind turbines,” said Lennon. “This is kind of late for the wind turbines, but this is for the future if there is going to be anything in this area that would affect the town of Converse.”…

Lennon explained that the area seeking to be relinquished already is served by the Converse Police Department, the Converse Fire Department, and the Converse Ambulance Department.

This also would not be the first buffer zone established by the town. It already has a two-mile buffer in Miami County, similar to what is being requested in Howard County….

via Residents try to escape Howard County – Kokomo Perspective: Kp.