Maine has a 4000 foot setback from BigWind

Although this Maine community did not establish a more restrictive wind ordinance, they are maintaining the current 4000 feet SETBACK. Wow, and to think that BigWind whined when Ohio Senator Faber recently proposed 1250 feet from a property line. Give me a break.  This is just another example of how WEAK our current Ohio setbacks are…. 

Clifton Task Force on Wind produced the ordinance which would have eliminated five proposed wind turbines in the town. With 230 voting no and 177 voting yes, residents decided to maintain the current rule that says has setbacks at least 4,000 feet from any home and sets sound levels that are more strict than the state requirement. The proposed rule would have changed the setback to within 4,000 feet of property lines….

via Clifton votes on wind turbine setback.