School turbines plagued with maintenance problems. Who will pay $?

This is part of the reason that you will find dead turbines littering areas like California, Iowa, etc. Their average life expectancy is only 10-15 years and they are extremely expensive to maintain. Gearbox warranties are often only 5 years and you will read, below, how other warranties are even shorter. This is also why the original developer often sells their wind sites to other companies – before such ‘dead’lines are reached. And, with technology innovating so rapidly, a turbine purchased today, will become obsolete in a very short period of time. Heed these warnings and do not allow your local schools to succumb to the lofty promises of the professional turbine sales teams! No school can afford such a mistake…

…The turbines, constructed north of Willmar Senior High School, were commissioned Sept. 3, 2009. The turbines originally had a three-year warranty, which was extended two more years. The south turbine has been shut down since April 23 after a bracket for one of the access ladders to the nosecone came loose.

Gimse said the utility for quite some time has been looking at a looming date when the extended warranty will expire, and he did not think options to extend it further were available.

“In my mind and certainly in the minds of some other commissioners, there are questions about how those turbines will operate in the future: how are we going to handle repairs and maintenance costs,’’ he said.

“I don’t think we can even begin to realize what the actual cost to keep those wind turbines going, considering all of the breakdowns that we’ve had and all the issues that we’ve had with them. It causes me a lot of concern going into the future knowing that this extended warranty is coming off of them,’’ he said….

via Warranty about to expire: Utilities Commission seeks answers to wind turbine questions | West Central Tribune.