The TRUTH about Ohio setback bill, that BigWind doesn’t want you to know!

Is Ohio HouseBill 483 truly asking for something that is unreasonable? Is a 1250 feet turbine setback from a property line a radical idea?  A recent letter from a developer states that 483’s “purpose is to make the setback 1300ft from property lines, the most restrictive in the nation.” Once again, BigWind has been caught in a lie. Just read the USA setback examples below! Frankly, we still look WEAK at 1250!!!…

2011 Charlton, MA setback = 2500ft base to dwelling or building

2011 Lenawaee county, MI = 2000ft +consent+compensation for loss in value

2011 ClaytonTown, NY= 1250ft from NONpart property boundaries…

2011 Hillsdale county, MI= 1mile buffer zone to homes

2011 Douglas Twp, IL= 2000ft from homes

2011 Libertyville,IL= 35dBA night time max

2011 Umatilla county,OR= 2 miles to rural home

2011 Wareham,MA= 2800ft to residence

2011 Clifton,ME= 4000ft from occupied structure

2007 Allegeny,NY= 2500ft

2008 Lyme,NY= 4500ft from rural villages

2009 Hartsville,NY= 2460ft from dwelling

2011 Perry,NY= 804.7meters

2011 Iroquois county,IL= 2000ft from homes and other buildings

2011 Brewster, Cape Cod= 10x blade diameter from residential zone

2011 Barnstable county, MA= 10x rotor dia to nearest receptor

2011 Riverside,CA= 3000ft from residential area

2010 SanDiego,CA= 8x total ht to residence

2012 Shepherd Flat,OR= 36dBa noise limit

2011 Claybanks township,MI= 3000ft from property line of NONparticipating receptor

2008 Union twn,WI= 2640ft from residence

2009 Frankstown twn,Blair county,PA= 2900ft

2008 Fayette county,PA= 6000ft or 1.1 MILE

2011 STATE of Wisconsin= 1800ft property line of non-participating receptor

2011 Roanoke county,VA= 0.5mile

2011 Virginia= 10 rotor diameter= approx 2700ft

2011 Rumford,ME= 4000ft from property line

2010 Buckfield,ME= 1 mile or 13x turbine height

2009 Montville,ME= 1 mile or 13x turbine height

2011 NC= med officer recommends 1500 METER

2011 Frankfort,ME= 1 mile

2012 Antrim,NH= 6x turbine height from occupied building

2011 Pittsfield,IL= 1500ft from property line

2011 Ashfield,MA= 3400ft from non-participating

2011 Moscow,ME= 1.5MILE from property line

2011 Catarunk,ME= 1.5MILE from property line

2008 Rock county,WI= 2640ft

2011 Lafargeville,NY= 550ft from property line for every 100 ft of turbine height

Read more about worldwide setbacks here: