A smart decision by Ohio Governor Kasich…

Friday the 13th was a day of horror for BigWind in Ohio, because our governor signed Senate Bill 310 which ‘freezes’ our renewable energy MANDATES for 2 years, while a committee reviews their appropriateness. This was a very ‘smart’ decision by our governor. Why? Just look at the map above and click on the link below to find more FACTS about the poor production statistics for BigWind. 

The article and picture highlights BigWind’s capacity factor for the USA. What is this? It represents the ‘annual level of power generation’ and you will see that in many places, including Ohio, the numbers are very low (31.2% 2013, 27.2% 2012, 22.8% 2011).If you go to the EIA website, you will see capacity factors for traditional energy producers (gas,nuclear,coal,hydro) sometimes exceeding 80%. Our traditional energy producers – all withIN the USA borders- are reliable and consistent producers of electricity.  Remember, BigWind, during our times of greatest need (summer/winter) have extremely LOW capacity VALUE to us.  In other words, how often can BigWind be relied upon to produce power at peak times of demand? This represents their capacity VALUE and it is a miserable 0-8% (George Taylor).  Do you like having power when you turn on a switch? Do you like air conditioning when the summer peaks? Do you like a warm home in the winter blizzard? Ohio Governor Kasich does….

The U.S. Energy Information Administration provides monthly and annual production data for over 1,900 power plants including wind-powered facilities. Windaction.org filtered the data for the years 2011-2013 looking for wind projects only and determined the capacity factors for each project in EIAs sample list with at least one full-year of production. The below map shows the average capacity factors by state for 2013. Click the map to see a larger image.A full breakdown of the production data by state and individual project in each of the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 can be found here.

via WindAction | US average wind capacity factors 2011-2013.