BigWind attacks the Koch brothers to halt the anti-wind movement

Personally, I find this article amusing, because it shows just how desperation can lead to great fiction. Worldwide, people who live near the industrial wind sites, are usually the ones who are at the forefront of a movement to stop them from spreading further (Canada, Denmark, even within our own borders in Corpus Christi, Texas); then again, you can devise a poll to achieve any result that you desire.  Additionally, it is fact, not fiction, that electricity rates are rising wherever large turbine installations exist. What I find to be most comical about this article, though, is the assault on the Koch brothers, also known for their philanthropy (although not mentioned here) Anyone heard of Tom Steyer? If not, let me educate you. Mr Steyer has offered well over $100 million to combat climate change. He is putting his resources behind candidates and the Democratic party to achieve his goals. Do you know how Mr. Steyer made his fortune? By investing in major oil, gas, and coal companies – many of them abroad, not here in the USA. So, do you really think he has the best interest of the American taxpayer in mind? Hmm….

Wind power is supported by a wide majority of Americans and evidence suggests that where there’s more wind power, there’s even more support. That support is backed up by real benefits.

American wind power creates good-paying jobs, attracts new private investment in our local, state, and national economies, keeps electricity rates low, and significantly reduces carbon emissions all across the country.

That’s why renewable energy opponents, like fossil fuel investors and brothers Charles and David Koch, are finding it increasingly difficult to manufacture opposition to policy supporting renewables’ growth.

Earlier this spring the Washington Post reported despite Koch-funded lobbyists and their special interests groups’ best efforts, state and federal lawmakers are saying “thanks, but no thanks” to Koch and “yes” to common-sense policy growing renewable energy that grows their local economy and benefits their constituents.

To demonstrate this, here are some of the ways Koch-funded groups manufacture opposition to wind power and other renewables:

1) Manufacturing a Koch-funded network of groups into a “broad coalition” opposing the renewable PTC…

2) Hiring lobbyists who misinform members of Congress and the American public about the benefits of wind power…

3) An aggressive ground operation that perhaps is a bit too aggressive…


Many Americans don’t realize the harmful influence that the Koch Brothers’ money is having on the growth of renewables.

via Benefits Of Wind Power For Real | CleanTechnica.