Ohio turbine setbacks are STILL weaker than other states…

If you didn’t know better, you would think that Ohio’s new setback laws were among the strictest in our nation. If Ohio setbacks are truly so prohibitive and UNfair, then why are so many communities writing ordinances STRICTER than ours? At the bottom of this post is a link to a PA county with setbacks between 200-2500 ft!  Just last week, we also blogged a list of dozens of examples in the USA of setbacks that are MORE restrictive than Ohio. BigWind is behaving like a screaming toddler that has just been told NO!…

With little discussion or fanfare, Ohio legislators have essentially put a stop to new wind farms in the state, industry experts say.

Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 483 on Monday, just days after signing another bill that freezes and alters Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. HB 483 includes revised setback provisions that will likely make new projects economically unfeasible.

The bill “basically zones new wind projects out of Ohio,” according to Eric Thumma, Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs for Iberdrola Renewables, Inc….

For any new commercial wind farms, HB 483 will now require a setback of 1,125 feet from the tip of a turbine’s blades to the nearest property line. In practice, that will translate to setbacks of about 1,300 feet from each turbine’s base.

The new law makes an exception for existing facilities and ones that had already received permits. For those projects, the Ohio Power Siting Board measured the 1,125-foot setback to the outer wall of the “nearest habitable residential structure” on neighboring property. Otherwise, property line setbacks were roughly 550 feet….


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