Why should farmers say NO to BigWind?

This is one of the very good reasons why farmers should say NO to BigWind…fires. What if this fire had occurred in a fall field ready to be harvested? The blade sheared 200 METERS away? Additionally, this is why setbacks are so important. It must have been like a medieval war with weapons being thrown, after being set ablaze….

THREE units of Bantry Fire Service fought a blaze when one of ten turbines at Cappaboy Beg windfarm caught fire last week….

The blades on one of the turbines went on fire. One blade sheared off and landed 200m away, setting fire to forestry and another landed 50m away, setting fire to hill and gorse,’ Mr Vickery said. A substantial area of rough grazing was burnt but very little of the young forestry was affected.

‘The object was to keep the fire away from the forest,’ he said. Maintenance people who were on site at the time of the fire raised the alarm. One local resident said he had heard a lot of ‘grinding’ from one of the turbines prior to the fire. Mr Vickery said a hill fire had endangered the turbines two years ago….

via Fire at Cappaboy windfarm | SouthernStar | News.