Could BigWind make you abandon home due to noise?

As BigWind decried Ohio’s new setback law of 1250feet from a property line, we see why INCreasing setbacks are important. This industry is growing – and I don’t mean, just spreading across the country – they are growing in height. This article refers to 500 foot turbines. As their height continues to rise, so do their problems: noise, vibrations, ice throws, etc.  As the industry evolves, so should the laws that protect our citizens…

Pontiac, Ill.Everyone has heard about the pros and cons of wind farms and those attending a recent town hall-style meeting hosted by some Livingston County Board members heard mostly about the latter….

Guest speaker Ted Hartke discussed his family’s experience living in an Invenergy wind farm in Vermilion County.

In January, they turned on these wind turbines and we all had sleepless nights. We prayed that we’d get used to the noise, but we did not. It got worse,” Hartke explained.

During his speech, in which his voice cracked with emotion a few times, Hartke said the noise of a “thump” from nearby turbines kept his family from falling asleep each night. He also said his family’s home was no longer peaceful and everybody was on a short fuse from a lack of sleep.

“We abandoned our home and now live in a double-wide mobile home trailer,” he added….

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