Victory against BigWind in Kokomo, Indiana

Congratulations to our neighbors to the West! On June 10th, we blogged about their situation. Residents in Howard County were begging the neighboring town to incorporate their area, in order to avoid BigWind development. Property devaluations and noise disturbances have occurred in the operational wind site. People are beginning to wake up….

After months of contention surrounding further wind farm development, juwi Wind has decided to cut its losses and part ways with Tipton County….

The decision to halt the project came almost 11 months into a lawsuit filed by juwi against the Tipton Board of Zoning Appeals. The lawsuit alleged the BZA had exceeded its authority by increasing the distance wind turbines had to be from property lines and requiring a property value guarantee plan to protect non-participating property owners in the project area….

via Wind developer withdraws plans to build Prairie Breeze Wind Farm » Local News » Kokomo Tribune; Kokomo, Indiana.